Adele *splurges* on nursery items, baby clothes, toys & gear

Adele has spared no expense getting her nurser(ies) prepped for baby!

By Haley Overland
Adele *splurges* on nursery items, baby clothes, toys & gear

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As you know, singer Adele, 24, is pregnant with her first baby with boyfriend Simon Konecki, and she's reportedly due in September.

Well, it seems she's totally gung ho (of course) about the baby. She's reportedly spent a whopping $54,000 on "sounds and lights" for the nursery — rivaling Beyonce and Jay-Z's nursery and its $3,500 lucite crib — and over $8,400 (if my math is correct) on baby clothes, toys and gear.

"Adele might have a reputation for being a bit of a spendthrift, but when it comes to her baby she's sparing no expense. She is building state-of-the-art nurseries in all her homes," a source for Reveal Magazine says.

"She's having bespoke wallpaper made," the source continued, "and it's costing a fortune with climate control and cameras so she can see everything on her laptop. She's spending $54,000 on the lighting and sound system alone." WOWZA! Can you imagine, Gorgeouses?

As for the clothes and gear....

"She's pre-ordered Bon Point unisex baby clothes, and they don't come cheap," says the source. "And she's already bought three Bugaboo pushchairs and a $900 Moses basket.... Not to mention the small fortune she's spent in Tiffany's on picture frames and trinkets. She even bought an antique bear for $7,500."

A little gung ho, huh!? Wow!!!

DISCUSS: Did you spend a lot of money on your kids' nursery? I probably spent too much on my first child's nursery, and took it easy with my second, re-using the crib, etc....

xo Haley-O


This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2012

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