Adam Sandler: Funny stuff he says to his daughters

Adam Sandler's daughters wish he'd dress a little better. Check out what he says to drive them crazy about it.

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Aww, check out Adam Sandler, 45, taking his daughter Sunny, 3, for a golf cart ride in Pacific Palisades, California, earlier this week.

He recently told People Magazine, at a press conference for That’s My Boy, that his clothes mortify his daughters (Sunny, 3, and Sadie, 6). Haha! I can’t really relate. Although…, come think of it, my kids regularly tell me I wear too much black and that I should wear skirts or shorts once in a while….

“I do embarrass them now,” he told the mag. “I wear shorts a lot…. And my kids do ask me to put pants on when I go to school. They ask, ‘Could you just one time wear pants?’ And every time I get out of the car, I look down and I go, ‘I got those shorts on! Who’s gonna yell at me?'” Bahaha! He’s so funny!

So, what’s Adam up to other than embarrassing his girls and driving them around in golf carts? He and the hilarious Andy Samberg are filming Grown Ups II (yes, apparently they’re making a second one?!), which hits theatres next year.

DISCUSS: Do your kids wish you dressed differently?

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