A word about Ice T and Coco

Haley reflects on her pathetic love of reality TV, particularly two celebrities with delicious names

By Haley Overland
A word about Ice T and Coco

Photo by MOE/FameFlynet Pictures

When I first heard there was a TV show called Ice T Loves Coco, I rolled my eyes. I did, and I thought, "No way." But I gave it a chance, and I LOVE THEM.

I'd only just started permitting myself with a little less shame to embrace Kloe & Lamar (there are some great lessons about sisterhood there — no, really). You all know I love my "Jersday" nights with Jersey Shore. And Survivor's really great this season, and so is Canada's Got Talent (awesome). Hmm, what else? Oh, even though I'm a vegan, I enjoy watching the creativity of the contestants on Top Chef AND — how could I forget? — the designers on Project Runway. AND, last but not least, pretty much every installation of The Real Housewives. Can you believe there's going to be a Real Housewives of Vancouver debuting in April?

You're probably wondering when I have time to watch all of these shows. Well, I don't really. I generally have them on as I'm working, or tidying up the toys in the living room, or answering emails. And I don't watch any other TV, really, except Downton Abbey — which is (strange based on my pathetic preferences) excellent TV — OH, and Smash.

Ice T Loves Coco is a half hour show, so it doesn't take up too much of my TV time. But every minute of that show is pure candy. And their love and respect for each other after 11 years of marriage is so sweet and inspiring. So I had to share the above photo of my favourite reality TV couple and their adorable dog Spartacus. They don't have any kids yet, but they do talk about it. Coco's trying to get her high blood pressure down before getting pregnant. And her sister has a kids' tutu line, yada yada. So, you know, it really is a family show. Or not.

Anyway, do you enjoy reality TV? I know John Hamm isn't enamoured with it because it's basically cheap TV that steals jobs from real actors.... Whatevs. We love it!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Mar 20, 2012

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