A still-shaggy Ben Affleck comforts (b-day girl!) Violet at the school pick-up

Violet Affleck's turning six! Not sure what the deal is with her dad's hair. Are we expected to just get used to this? Is this the way it's going to be? DOES HALEY-O NEED TO START A PETITION?

Fame Pictures

I loved this sweet photo of Ben Affleck picking up his daughter Violet at school Monday afternoon. From the looks of it, Violet was suffering from the Monday blues…. Either that or she was just really happy to see her dad. I’d be happy to see Ben Affleck too…. ANYWAY, I’m sure Violet’s feeling peppy again today because Miss Thing has a birthday tomorrow!

Yes! Violet’s going to be six years old tomorrow (December 1). Maybe Ben will cut his hair as a birthday present? Wishful thinking? Because this hair was fun for a while, but now not-so-much.


xo Haley-O

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