8 great celebrity interviews of 2011

2011 was an amazing year of interviews for Celebrity Candy! Here are our faves

By Haley Overland
8 great celebrity interviews of 2011

I've met and talked to more celebrities this year than I have in my entire life! A lot of people tell me how awesome and exciting it must be to meet all these incredible people, and it is! But it's also quite nerve wracking.... Each one of the interviews has been a personal and professional challenge for me in different ways, so I'm really proud to showcase them here today. (And note, I'm still migrating them from our old site, so please ignore some of the temporary photo placement issues!) Enjoy!

? Special interview with Martin Short! (December 6) ~ checkit!

? How I caught Heather Graham's cold (more than just an interview...!) (September 11) ~ checkit!

? Live on the red carpet! Celebrity parent tips and quotes at Hello! Canada Magazine's TIFF party at the (Ritz Carlton) (September 10) ~ checkit!

? Jessica Alba: Our special one-on-one interview (August 3)! ~ checkit!

? How I met Alyson Hannigan: The interview! (July 20) ~ checkit!

? Jennifer Garner: The interview! (July 9) ~ checkit!

? Tori, Dean, their kids & MY SON: Interview with Dean McDermott! (June 17) ~ checkit!

? Celebrity Candy interview: Jackie Evancho (June 1) ~ checkit!


I also recently interviewed another mystery celebrity. Stay tuned for deets...!

Got any requests for celebrity interviews in 2012, Gorgeouses? Who are your favourite celeb parents or kids?

Happy New Year!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 29, 2011

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