10 questions we have about the first photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins

The first photo of Rumi and Sir Carter is here—and we have so many questions.

10 questions we have about the first photo of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins

Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce via Instagram

To celebrate the one-month birthday of her twins, Beyoncé FINALLY released a photo of her sweet babes on July 13. She posted the above photo on Instagram with the caption "Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today." The photo is amazing—but we have some questions.

1. Which twin is which? We need details, Queen! Is Rumi the twin posing on top or is that Sir?

2. Beyoncé called her little boy, Sir Carter...does that mean his full name is Sir Carter Carter? Or does she just like referring to him by his first and last name? Is this a new baby name trend to call your kid by their full name?  (Update: Beyonce's mom confirmed that Sir's name is just Sir).

3. Beyoncé only called Rumi by her first name, but she called Sir by both his first and last name (or possibly his two first names, see the question above). Does that mean Rumi is like her mom and will only have one name?  

4. How is her stomach already this flat? Teach us your ways Bey.

5. Is it boy-girl twins? It's clear that Sir is a boy name but Rumi is traditionally a male name—think of the poet Rumi. So is it possible that the twins are boys? The only "evidence" we have that the Carter twins are a boy and a girl is a paparazzi photo of someone going into the hospital with "It's a girl" and "It's a boy" balloons. But that's really not the greatest proof! (Update: Beyonce's mom also confirmed that her grandkids are boy-girl twins).

6. How is her hair so voluminous? I mean we know she's Beyoncé, but how is she so perfect a month after giving birth? Isn't she experiencing postpartum hair loss? Is she even human?


7. Where is Blue? We need to see the big sister with her new siblings.

8. Is it comfortable to hold your twins that way?

9. What is she thinking in this photo? Her expression is fierce! Mama bear in action, perhaps.


10. How are the babies doing? This is the most important question of all. It's been reported the twins had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks because of jaundice. It looks like they're home now and thriving.

This article was originally published on Jul 14, 2017

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