Toddler with autism falls in love with Snow White

This mom's video of her son meeting Snow White is going viral. You need to see it.

Photo: Amanda Coley on Youtube Photo: Amanda Coley on Youtube

Amanda Coley’s two-year-old son has autism, is non-verbal and has trouble connecting with strangers. Jack Jack tends to shy away from people he doesn't know, and avoids eye contact with people outside of his family.

So it wasn't a huge surprise to Coley that on a family vacation to Disney World—aka the Happiest Place on Earth—back in November 2015, the many characters Jack Jack met weren't able to catch and hold on to his attention. He pretty much wanted nothing to do with any of them, says Coley. Until he met Snow White.


For Jack Jack, it was Snow White that brought the most magical touch to Disney World. How cute is it when he rests his head in her lap?! " I must have cried 1,000 tears watching his interaction with her," says Coley. "He was in love."

This article was originally published on May 13, 2016

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