Toddler wearing GoPro during game of hide-and-seek is hilarious

Hide-and-seek just got a whole lot more fun thanks to a GoPro-clad toddler.

As adorbs as your kid is, playing endless rounds of peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek can be daunting.

After receiving a GoPro camera for Christmas, one couple decided to strap it on their toddler’s head while they hid in the closet watching the live stream on a phone. The results are hilarious.

Clearly baffled, the toddler’s search is reminiscent of the classic Raptors-in-the-kitchen scene in Jurassic Park, with the little tike using his senses to figure out where his parents might be hiding. Also, that scamper!

Meanwhile, his parents are laughing hysterically in a closet. Check out the action below.

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