Watch this toddler play the most adorable game of peekaboo with a baby gorilla!

This toddler thought he was just going to see the animals at the zoo, but he ended up playing with one instead!

Watch this toddler play the most adorable game of peekaboo with a baby gorilla!

Toddlers love to monkey around, and even more so when there's a real monkey involved!

That's what happened when two-year-old Isaiah met the two-year-old gorilla named Kamoli at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio last week.

Isaiah was visiting the zoo with his mom Sherry Chute when they decided to go take a peek at the gorillas. Isaiah was gazing at the baby gorilla behind the glass wall when all the sudden Kamoli decided he wanted to play. What ensued was the cutest game of peek-a-boo you will ever see. Using the pillar between the glass as a blindspot, Kamoli runs side-to-side and Isaiah follows.

Photo: Colombus zoo via Instagram Photo: Columbus Zoo via Instagram

And this isn't the first time Kamoli has had some fun with visitors. "He's very playful and likes interacting with people," zoo representative Patty Peters told The Dodo. "Kamoli seems to have an affinity for small children. All the gorillas do really."

I guess it only goes to show that no matter the species, kids are kids.

This article was originally published on Sep 01, 2015

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