#TightPants: Everyone's talking about Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez challenged Jimmy Fallon to a #tightpants dance-off, and it's now gone viral. Watch the video!

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Jennifer Lopez and her #tightpants have gone viral!

On Monday night, Jennifer, 44, took on The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon, 39, in a hilarious battle of whose-pants-are-the-tightest. It was a dance-off to end all dance offs—in tight white pants and funny bowl-cut wigs.

“I can swing my arms, I can shake my hips, I can dance down the block knowing I’m the only chick that’s wearing tight pants, and I’m the only one,” sings Jennifer, as she grooves in her tight white pants and a crop top that shows off her famous abs.

I think my favourite line is, "Get lost, Apple Sauce." Ha! And the dancing, though super silly, is totally great.

I'm guessing this probably isn't the first dance-off for the mom-of-two, who entered the Hollywood spotlight years ago as a Fly Girl on In Living Color (love!). But, it's the second for dad-of-one Jimmy—who danced it off with Will Ferrell on the Late Night stage in 2012. 


Enjoy the funny now viral video (warning: There is some strong language in the video, so may not be suitable for your child)...

So, who do you think is wearing the tighter pants?

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This article was originally published on Jun 10, 2014

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