Those man buns of Disneyland

Love a good man bun? Love Disneyland? How about cute dads with babies? Then, check out "Man Buns of Disneyland," like, right now.


When I first heard about it, Gavin Rossdale popped into my head: Cute dad with man bun—no big deal, but OK, let’s check this out. And so I checked out @manbunsofdisneylandand I liked it!

I mean, Adrian Grenier over here with the cutest little Minnie ever (oy, the feet!)…

Photo: @ManbunsatDisneyland via Instagram

Photo: @ManbunsatDisneyland via Instagram

Of course, that’s not really Adrian Grenier, and this isn’t really Chris Hemsworth either, but helloooo you….

Photo: @manbunsofDisneyland via Instagram

Photo: @manbunsofDisneyland via Instagram

And look at that sweet little blondie. It’s all just too much fun. Here’s another, ummm, because it’s Friday….

Photo: @manbunsofDisneyland via Instagram

Photo: @manbunsofDisneyland via Instagram


Not all the photos are of cute dads and kids, and not all the man buns are as fun as these. But, the concept alone is hysterical. The account already has 19.8K followers (not too shabby) and an on-point bio—”We love man buns. And Disneyland.”

So if you love man buns, and you love Disneyland, go check it out…maybe, like, right NOW!

And then… Go check out my Celebrity Candy blog for the latest celeb family news. See you there!


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