This mom photographed herself giving birth—and the results are amazing

This mom takes DIY to a whole new level!

By Juliana Bannon

This mom photographed herself giving birth—and the results are amazing

Photo: Lauren Chenault

Most moms hire a birth photographer or enlist a family member/close friend to capture their baby's birth, but one New York mom took matters into her own hands—literally.

Lauren Chenault, 24, is a photographer who decided to photograph herself giving birth. Yes, she managed to take pictures while pushing an eight pound baby out of her vah-jay-jay. We are crazy impressed.

Lauren originally wanted to photograph the birth of her one-year-old daughter Kailah, but she couldn't because she needed to hold her legs up while she pushed. But this time around she made a game plan for delivery day. Lauren enlisted the help of four friends and her husband to hold her legs, while she focused on capturing the moment. We would only be able to focus on pushing and swearing at everyone in the delivery room, so kudos to this mom for multi-tasking during labour.

Obviously Lauren didn't want to miss her son's big entrance, so she rested the camera on her belly and clicked continuously throughout the birthing process hoping that she got a good shot. And she did! The photos she captured are amazing.

Doctor showing newborn baby to mother from mothers point of view Photo: Lauren Chenault

Kai Arthur was born weighing 8lbs 3oz. on January 31 and he's super cute. Look at those cheeks!

above shot of newborn baby swaddled in the hospital Photo: Lauren Chenault

Lauren recommends that all expectant moms plan to photograph their own births...we might just stick to screaming and pushing. But good on you girl! We are seriously impressed.

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2017

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