This mom hilariously demonstrates the life cycle of breasts—with fruit

Whether you've got lemons or something more reminiscent of empty banana peels, this mom totally feels your pain.

Photo: @SuperStyler via Facebook Photo: @SuperStyler via Facebook

Pregnancy, although beautiful, can really change a woman's body—especially her breasts. And they just keep changing, starting from when you first conceive, to when you're breastfeeding, to when you wean, and everything in between.

This is one mommy who gets it. Facebook blogger "SuperStyler" posted this hilarious video of a mom demonstrating "The breast life cycle" using fruit. It's laugh-out-loud funny, yet so insanely true for those who've experienced it.

She starts off with two oranges (and a smile) for the "Before babies" stage, and makes it all the way through to "What you're left with."

Who knew that a couple of uneven avocados could portray the breastfeeding stage so accurately?

That aside, we're totally for rocking your post-baby body with pride. And when in doubt, laugh it off with this as a reminder that it happens to almost everyone. You've birthed a human, and that comes with body changes. Almost nobody gets to keep their oranges forever!


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This article was originally published on Jul 19, 2016

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