This hilarious Meghan Trainor parody is the new anthem for toddler moms

When it comes to dealing with a toddler, the answer is often "NO!"

Mom and vlogger Tara Brough perfectly captures the challenges of motherhood by repurposing Meghan Trainor’s hit song “No.” The original song is about adult men, but let’s face it: A good portion of toddler behaviour deserves a “no,” whether it’s throwing tantrums, making a mess or cutting their sibling’s hair. And Tara’s found a creative way to not give in to all her kids’ demands.

“If that kid won’t give it up, purse your lips, hands on your hips, and all you gotta say is, ‘My answer is no. My answer is no. My answer is no.'”

Trust us, if you’re a parent, you’ll find Tara’s struggles both funny and relatable. She shuts down her kid’s request for cake, referees sibling fights and stops her kids from climbing the walls.

“It’s time to take a nap. You don’t need a snack. Who said you could play on my snapchat?” sings Tara, as she makes light of the mom struggle. But maybe the best way to deal with the life’s challenges is to find the humour in it.

While Tara sums up her kids as “unbudgeable,” moms, we wish you all the best with your stubborn toddler! Stay strong!

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