This hilarious Adele parody is a new anthem for moms

"Hello from the Mother Side" highlights motherhood's best moments—wrangling toddlers, removing unwanted facial hair and the never-ending thirst for wine you have no time to drink.

This hilarious Adele parody is a new anthem for moms

We love Adele's new song "Hello," but a new parody is really speaking to moms. Say hello to singer-songwriter Emily Mills's "Hello from the Mother Side." It's an anthem for stressed child-bearers everywhere.

It starts off with Mills receiving a text from a friend at 9:57 p.m.

"I know it's a long shot with crazy busy schedules...but anyone want to meet up for a glass of wine tonight?? #thirstythursday"

This leads to a banter of reasons why this mom can't just relax with the girls: She's got kids to feed, one's in volleyball and one's coming home with Ds.

Then Mills pays her girlfriends a visit. The scene depicts one friend wrangling a toddler while stuffing Cheetos in her mouth.

"I can tell you've been stress-feeding," sings Mills. Turning to her other friend she sings "you've been plucking facial whiskers/ and your thighs touch skin-to-skin."


Now ain't that the truth.

When the chorus enters, it's just a blatant slap of reality: "Hello from the mother side/ I think I might break down and cry/ because I love my children but I don't want anymore/ Can somebody pass me the pinot noir?"

Preach, woman! Preach! 🍷

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This article was originally published on Dec 09, 2015

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