This fourth-grader started a Female Empowerment Club and we're all for it

Where do we sign up?

Kids often get in trouble for passing around notes in class, but after one teacher found a little feminist note under another student’s desk, she couldn’t help but share it with her friend.

The note, written in pencil on a small, ripped piece of lined paper, reads: “Do you want to join a club for female empowerment. We are the leaders.” The teacher’s friend Elly Zupko, who goes by Elly on Twitter, shared it with all her followers on the social media platform and it has now garnered more than 54,000 retweets and 170,000+ likes.

Even Hillary Clinton knows this girl is on the road to shattering the glass ceiling; on International Women’s Day, she tweeted about how she’s thinking about her and “all the others like her out there.” 

While there was quite a bit of backlash from Twitter trolls who refused to believe the note was real and a little girl would want to start a Female Empowerment Club, Zupko clapped back in the best way possible:

We wholeheartedly agree with her, too. The best news at the end of all of this is that the little girl’s teacher asked Zupko, who runs a non-profit called SMLX Good, to help form and co-sponsor the club.

According to UPROXX, meetings for the club—which will focus on STEM—are to start as early as April.

And to the little fourth-grader who started this, all we’ve got to say is YAS, girl, YAS!

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