This family created the ultimate Harry Potter newborn photo shoot

Not only is this photo shoot hilariously cute, it's very accurate!

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Newborn photo shoots are the cutest and they're a great excuse to dress up your baby in whatever garb you'd like. For most parents, that usually means putting silly over-sized hats on their babies or placing the baby beside a giant teddy bear. But for one Oregon couple, it was a chance to show off their love of Harry Potter.

And while, yes, one of the kids was dressed up Harry Potter, parents Katherine and Jesse Oldfield decided to think outside the box for their newborn babe. Baby Theodore wasn't Ron or Hedwig. He was a mandrake root. The result: The cutest Harry Potter-themed photo shoot ever!

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For those who aren't too familiar with the Harry Potter universe, the mandrake root is a plant that weirdly resembles a newborn baby and releases an ungodly, fatal shriek when de-rooted. But the mandrake root can be used for good: In the second movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, they use the mandrake root in a potion that cures characters that were petrified by a giant basilisk.

So now that you know what exactly a mandrake root is, the photo shoot seems fitting for a newborn, no? Any new mom can tell you that their baby's cry reminds them of that of the mandrake's. And it looks like the little Harry is not very impressed by his brother, the mandrake's, crying!


Katherine and Jesse—both huge Harry Potter fans—spent their first halloween together dressed up as Harry and Hermione. When their first child, Sebastian, was born, they dressed him up as a tiny Harry Potter for his newborn photo shoot. So when Theodore was born, they had to keep the theme in the family. They reached out to their photographer friend Kelsey Clouse to recreate this epic Chamber of Secrets scene.


Since Katherine put up the photo on her Facebook page, it's been shared nearly 90,000 times! And why wouldn't you share it? The looks on the kids' faces are absolutely priceless.

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This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2016

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