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This cappuccino kid loves coffee a latte

This little barista can make any morning better, even if the cappuccino is decaf.

This cappuccino kid loves coffee a latte

Photo: Benjamin Dinsmore via YouTube

Adler is only three, but he's already an expert at making cappuccinos.

In this precious video, Adler narrates his every move as he whips up a caffeinated treat. There are so many adorable moments like when Adler's all out of breath after tamping the coffee and says, "I think it's...I think it's done."

Another "awww" moment? After he pulls down the lever on the machine, he exclaims "I'm strong like the Hulk!" Seriously, it is so cute you'll watch it over and over again.

Major props to this little guy because goodness knows how complicated making a cappuccino is. His dad was there to guide him through it, but we can tell this kid definitely knew his stuff because he noticed he forgot to swirl the steamed milk before pouring it into the cup.

If only everyone had a little barista like him in their house, he would definitely make crazy mornings better. Now the big question is can this little barista spell your name right?

This article was originally published on Mar 01, 2019

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