These hilarious moms get real about wearing Spanx

And we've got to spanx them very much for making us laugh so hard.

In their latest video the two funny moms from IMomSoHard, Kristen Hensley and Jen Smedley, riff on their love-hate relationship with shape wear.

Jen brags about wearing multiple Spanx, but getting into those pinch-y pieces of fabric is no walk in the park. Kristen gets her husband to help with the hook enclosures. Now that’s #relationshipgoals! The ladies then strip down to their undergarments to show off their sucked in mid-sections. “See? You can have all this and still eat casserole,” says Kristen, while Jen adds, “All you gotta do is wear three Spanx!”

And layers of shape wear won’t stop these ladies when nature calls. Kristen’s Spanx have handy pee holes, but Jen’s shape wear has hook enclosures that are…ummm…a little too close for comfort. Sliced crotch is a serious concern. Beauty is pain, girls. Beauty is pain.

But this isn’t really doing the vid justice. Just sit down, undo your top button and watch. Careful—you may burst a button from laughing too hard, but you’ve got your trusty Spanx on underneath, right?

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