The Powerpuff Girls reboot introduces a transgender character

The Powerpuff Girls save the world before bedtime AND have a found a kid-friendly way of explaining what it means to be transgender.

Our 90s hearts are still all a flutter over the the reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. But what has us even more excited than saving the world before bedtime and Powerpuff-ing ourselves, is the show’s introduction of a transgendered character.

Enter Donny the Pony who really wants to be a unicorn. We’re digging this kid-level way of explaining the beauty of being true to your self and what it means to be transgendered.

The episode called “Horn, Sweet Horn,” shows Donny’s deep desire to be a unicorn. He even wears a fake horn, telling blonde-haired Bubbles “I may not have a horn but I do have a heart, and in that heart I know I’m a beautiful unicorn!” Aw!

You do you, Donny the UNICORN! xx

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