The new emojis every mom needs

Nipple cream, wearing mesh underwear and baby puking on you—now there's an emoji for that.

EmojiMom via Facebook EmojiMom via Facebook

When it comes to being a mom, there are never enough words to express the crazy struggles and awkward situations you find yourself in daily, like pumping breast milk in a bathroom stall or teaching your preschooler how to wipe his bum. And until now, there haven't been emojis, either. But thanks to the new EmojiMom iOS keyboard, moms and moms-to-be can finally express what they're going through without having to type it all out. After all, ain't nobody got time for that "Baby just pooped all over me again!!" text when you're trying to get a million things done at the same time.

Photo: EmojiMom Photo: EmojiMom

The keyboard was created by Sarah Robinson, Hannah Hudson and Natalie Ralsto—three moms who felt there ought to be emojis to express the not-so-glamorous motherhood moments they'd often text each other about. The new keyboard features 250 pregnancy and parenting emojis that are both relatable and hilarious. Nipple cream, wearing mesh underwear and baby spitting up on you—now, there's an emoji for that. Because let's face it: Sometimes, that classic poop emoji just won't cut it.

Though the keyboard was created with moms in mind, it also includes a few dad-themed emojis, such as Dad feeding baby a bottle. The creators hope to keep adding more in the future. The app costs $2.79 at

This article was originally published on Aug 05, 2016

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