The new Cinderella trailer is enchanting!

The latest Cinderella trailer will make you fall in love with this classic fairytale all over again. (And Prince Charming—swoon!)

The second Cinderella trailer has hit the Internet and we’re in love!

This time, we get to see more of the dazzling Prince Charming (cue the applause) and his flourishing infatuation with Cinderella. Prince Charming’s father, the King, forbids him from following his heart, explaining he must marry for the good of the kingdom. (Oh my gosh, oh my gosh—how could this be?)

We also learn more about the conniving collusion and evil manipulation of Lady Tremaine’s (a.k.a. the Wicked Stepmother) who’s determined to get what she wants. And did I mention there’s more of Prince Charming? Swoon!

See for yourself:

Cinderella hits North American theatres in March 2015. (Missed the first trailer? Watch it here.)

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