The baby was nestled all snug in Santa's lap...

What happens when a baby falls asleep before meeting Santa? You get the most charming photo ever.

Photo: Donnie's Daddy Daycare/Facebook

Photo: Donnie’s Daddy Daycare/Facebook

When you have to wait in line to meet Santa, it can be pretty boring. Just ask six-month-old Zeke Walters from Evansville, Indiana. He fell asleep while waiting in line to meet Old Saint Nick.

Zeke’s parents thought about going home and coming back another time when he was awake, but Santa had a brilliant photo idea.

According to dad Donnie’s Facebook, “Santa asked us not to wake him and the outcome was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

We agree!

The photos, posted on Facebook, of Zeke and Santa falling asleep while reading The Night Before Christmas went viral.

Talk about the perfect Christmas photo!

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