The baby face generator that will give you nightmares

Take a gander if you dare.

The baby face generator that will give you nightmares

Photo: Make a Baby Booth

Tiffany Holloway (@BayHolloway) and her boyfriend Darius Moore regret ever trying to "peer into the future."

The couple are expecting and like most parents-to-be, they wanted to know what their baby would look like so they downloaded a baby face generator app called Make a Baby Booth. While the app is free to download and fairly simple to use (you upload a picture of you and another person and it merges them to create a baby), the result was absolutely terrifying:

Oh yeah, and it ended up costing her a buck even though it's supposed to be free! The app prompts you to pay before letting you see the final result.

The photo of Tiffany's unique-looking future baby resulted in over 10,000 retweets, with other users sharing their own horrifying creations:


TBH we don't even think using Ryan Gosling's face in this app can make the generated baby look remotely cute.

If you try out this app (remember you have to pay for the final result), tweet us your photo! And Tiffany and Darius, don't worry, your baby will be MUCH cuter than the baby face generator predicted.

This article was originally published on Mar 14, 2017

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