That Keira Knightley SAG Awards maternity dress

The pregnant Imitation Game star explains her SAG Awards dress choice and shares a fashion perk of being pregnant.

keira-knightley-pregnant-sag-awards-dress-jan2615 Photo: KM/FameFlynet

Gasp! So gorj.

I'd be remiss if I didn't note this is a little unexpected. Indeed, many of the major fashion commentators were tweeting their surprise at Keira Knightley's fashion hit, since she is so typically a miss. (The Chanel frock she wore to the the Golden Globes, for example, was not, ermm, received well; I described it as "interesting" in my fashion roundup.)

Yes, the pregnant Imitation Game star, 29, showed up to last night's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards wearing a stunning purple Erdem gown. As Keira told E! News on the red carpet, the dress choice was as strategic as it was aesthetic.

"It's boiling out here," she said. "It just means you're not going to wear anything tight. Some people do wear tight things.... I don't want to go for that. It's all just quite loose."

"I'm quite comfortable," she added. "The shoes are quite high—they may come off later. I can go, 'Well, I'm pregnant, so my shoes have to come off,' and nobody's allowed to say anything, so that's nice."

And it looks like Keira forgot to pack snacks this time around. "I keep eating my hair," she said. "I'm fairly hungry."

Keira Knightley SAG awards dress Photo: Keira Knightley and James Righton. Photo: Juan Rico/FameFlynet

This will be the first child for Keira and hubby James Righton (in the photo above). She was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role, for The Imitation Game.

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This article was originally published on Jan 26, 2015

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