Thank you, Alyssa Milano! The actress gets real about her post-baby body

The mom of two reveals she hasn't lost all the baby weight—and doesn't plan to.

Photo: @milano_alyssa via Instagram

Photo: @milano_alyssa via Instagram

No really, thank you Alyssa Milano! The actress just opened up about her struggle to lose the baby weight and how frankly, women shouldn’t feel this pressure!

“I didn’t feel pressure from within the industry,” she says. “Any pressure that I felt was from seeing other celebrities get down to their [pre-]baby weight in two weeks, and I know that for me that’s just not in my makeup, biologically. There is no way I could have dropped all the baby weight in two weeks, I don’t know how they do it!”

No really, how do they do it?! We don’t mean any disrespect to celeb moms, but they often make it look so easy to lose the weight—which maybe it was for them, but that’s not the case for everyone. So frankly it’s nice to hear that even Alyssa feels the pressure. And that she said screw it and lost the baby weight her own way and on her own timeline.

The mom of two gave herself a realistic goal of 18 months to get back to her “happy weight.”

“It’s the weight where you feel happy,” she explains. “I couldn’t call it a goal weight, because there’s so many variables you don’t really know what a goal weight is, especially when you’re 43 and just had a baby. I don’t know if I’m going to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m breastfeeding also, that’s a big part of it, so I just call it my happy weight.”

LOVE! Finally a celeb who admits she didn’t lose all the baby-weight and that that’s ok! This is a way more relatable, not to mention realistic, perspective on post-pregnancy weight loss.

Alyssa encourages new moms everywhere to spend those first few months just enjoying your adorable new baby, not focusing on the baby weight. Be kind to yourself because you’re going to be exhausted (they don’t call it 100 days of Hell for nothing)!

“It’s exhausting, and the only thing you really have is food to get you through those first two months,” she says. “Especially if you’re breastfeeding.”

Alyssa says she lost 55 pounds, mostly through exercise and the Atkins diet.

Photo: @milano_alyssa via Instagram

Photo: @milano_alyssa via Instagram

Now if you’re looking for more celebs with awesome and inspiring post-baby quotes, behold Jennifer Garner.

Take [pressure] off yourself. Nobody can take it off for you. And don’t be on [social media], Jen says. “I love seeing pictures and occasionally I will go through and look at all [my friend’s] Instagram photos but if you are not in a fantastic place — if you’ve just had a baby — don’t look at your friend’s hot beach picture… just don’t do it.”

You hear that, mamas? Don’t be so hard on yourselves—you just birthed a human. Bask in the afterglow (and the padsicles!), and appreciate what your body just accomplished. Did you know giving birth is harder than running a marathon? Yeah, you go girl!

So take your time and if you choose to lose the weight, it’s totally fine to do so at your own pace. Thank you Alyssa for this much-needed reminder.

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