Spotify launches a new family zone

Known for their playlists, Spotify announced they're brand new interactive family zone to promote language and learning for little ones.

Photo: Spotify Photo: Spotify

The digital musical mothership Spotify is revamping their already ample kids section to include playlists that have language development and fun learning activities built right in.

Geared towards the zero to three crowd (but also with plenty of good stuff for school-aged kids, too), the new Kids & Family section wants to help parents promote early language and brain development. The playlists will be designed around everyday activities like travelling in the car, bath and bedtime. Between songs, celebs like Sarah Michelle Gellar will pop up with suggestions for interacting with little listeners, like asking what the next song should be or asking kids to clap, dance or just encouraging a babbling back-and-forth between parent and babe.

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This article was originally published on Aug 16, 2016

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