Slaying like Bey has never been easier

This app lets you create a floral pregnancy announcement, just like Beyoncé's.

Queen Bey set the bar high with her recent pregnancy announcement pictures, forcing expectant moms everywhere to step up their game.

Luckily, the app PicsArt has released step-by-step instructions on its website on how to use its app to easily create your own floral baby announcement, just like Bey. If you get lost, there’s also a video to help you!

It’s pretty easy to do. Just take a photo of you and your belly and upload it into the app. Next, use the cutout tool and cut yourself out to create a sticker. Finally, simply open your floral background—there’s a great one on the app—and add your sticker on top. Ta-da! You and your baby are ready to slay.

You don’t need to be pregnant to use it either—food babies are welcome. Try it out for yourself by downloading the PicsArt app. It’s free for iOS (Apple devices) and Android.

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