Seth Meyers almost had an Uber baby

From his wife screaming out the window to nurses in bunny ears, Seth Meyers' wife has one heck of a birth story.

Seth Meyers almost had an Uber baby

Seth Meyers's wife, Alexi almost gave birth in an Uber. That would probably get you a low rating!

The comedian and talk show host opened up about his son's birth and says the whole process happened very quickly—yeah, maybe for him! Seth compared the drive to the hospital to an abduction as his wife had her head out the Uber window and was screaming "I don't like this!"

Thankfully they made it to the hospital and since it was Easter Sunday were cared for by nurses in bunny ears. While the bunny ears made Seth smile, his wife wasn't so impressed. We don't blame you, Alexi! When you're in that much pain and are trying to push a baby out of a small hole, it's not comforting to have a person with bunny ears telling you to push.

"The minute it started, I couldn't take my eyes off it," says Seth. The whole experience was both emotional and hilarious. Seth was sobbing and laughing when his son entered the world.

Little Ashe Olsen is named after Alexi's maiden name and Seth's mom's maiden name, contrary to notion that his namesake is Ashley Olsen.

"I've long been a Mary-Kate guy," jokes the new dad.


Seth is extremely grateful that his wife didn't give birth in the Uber. After all, that would mean they'd have to name their son after the driver.

As for being a father, Seth says it takes time to let that sink in. "The weirdest thing is you're just not a parent and then you are!"

We feel you, Seth. Welcome to parenthood!

This article was originally published on Mar 31, 2016

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