Sandra Bullock's son wins his first award for Best Actor

Sandra Bullock won an award last night, but her son thinks he deserves an award, too.


And the People's Choice Award for "Best Actor" goes to Louis Bullock in Videos 2015.

What? You haven't seen that film. That's because it had a limited release—just on Sandra Bullock's phone.

Last night, January 6, Sandra won a People's Choice Award for Favourite Movie Actress and she told an adorable anecdote about her son, Louis.

Before she left for the awards show, Louis questioned where she was going all decked out in her red mini dress by Monique Lhuillier. And Sandra told him she was going to the People's Choice Awards.

"Well, am I getting an award," Louis questioned.

Sandra, a bit dumbfounded, asked why he was getting an award and explained that they give awards for acting in TV shows and movies.


"I've acted," quipped Louis, five.

"What have I seen you in," Sandra asks.

"Videos 2015," Louis says, with a "duh, mom" face—OK, I am just guessing at his facial expression.


Yes, Louis is referring to the videos Sandra takes of him on her iPhone. I am sure he's very good in them and they are definitely worthy of an award—I mean just look at him playing Buzz Lightyear. Sandra informed him if he gets an award, he needs to be grateful and say thank you. So here is who Louis would like to thank.


"Thank you to the world and thank you to the planet."

Yep, that's it. No thanks to mom for being his videographer (and I assume his director, too). He told Sandra he wanted to keep his acceptance speech "simple."

So there you have it, Louis Bullock is officially an actor. We will have to wait till January 14 to see if Videos 2015 gets an Oscar nom. Watch out Leo DiCaprio, you have some steep competition from Louis for Best Actor.

This article was originally published on Jan 07, 2016

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