Sandra Bullock adopts three-year-old little girl and shares adorable new family photos

“I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time.” "The Heat" star confirms that she's adopted a second child.

sandra-bullock-PeopleMagazine-cover Photo: People Magazine

The Bullocks are now a family of three.

Sandra Bullock, 51, has just made her family bigger after adopting a three-year-old little girl named Laila (pronounced Lila)!

Bullock confirmed the news in an interview and adorable cover shoot with People Magazine. Daily Mail claims that Bullock's (said to be live-in) boyfriend, Bryan Randall, who's an L.A.-based photographer, took the intimate pictures of the Bullocks outside their home. The actress had said "the photographer was very patient"

"Getting two kids and an adult who do not like posing for photos to just sit still was impossible."


The family shots feature Sandra and her two children in white t-shirts and jeans (cuteness alert: Louis is dressed as a superhero.) Sandra told People that her five-year-old son Louis (whom she adopted in 2010) has been on board since day one, and that he “spearheaded this whole journey.”

Sandra and Louis, Photo via Daily Mail Sandra and Louis, Photo via Daily Mail

Earlier in October, Bullock had denied adopting a second child, which we now know was solely to protect Laila from the paparazzi and from jeopardizing the adoption process.

But now, she's introducing her newest family member to the world with nothing but love and pride—the glow on her face says it all.

We're so happy for the newly-bonded family—they already seem so inseparable!

“My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding,” she said. “That’s a family.”

This article was originally published on Dec 02, 2015

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