Ryan Reynolds: Baby is allergic to sleep

Poor Ryan Reynolds! Our fave Canadian heartthrob hasn't been getting much sleep lately—all thanks to the baby, of course.


We all know, new parent=sleepless nights. But, married actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively didn't expect to be utterly sleepless for the past nine weeks—since their baby girl, James, was born.

"Our baby in particular is, we think, allergic to sleep," Ryan told host and dad-of-two Jimmy Fallon, on Monday night's Tonight Show (March 2).

"I don't think that's possible, no," said Jimmy.

"We think that she thinks she's protecting us from the sleep monsters," the Woman in Gold star responded. "Like, 'Oh, I've got to keep them up or the sleep monsters will get them.'"

"Babies don't care about you!" Jimmy aptly reminds Ryan.

"The trick I try to use is that Baby Einstein stuff," Ryan jokes. "But for me, that's like horse tranquilizer.... I could go down on a lit stove." Ha! We hear that.


Despite the sleeplessness, Ryan describes fatherhood as "the best." "I can't wait," he says. "It's just going to be teatime every day with her." Awww.

See a clip of the funny convo—plus Ryan's hilarious imitation of Aaron Neville (see, he really is overtired!)—for yourself right here...

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This article was originally published on Mar 03, 2015

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