Ryan Gosling: "Fatherhood is not rocket science"

Ryan Gosling talks about his little girl and a certain boy band she's obsessed with.

Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes expecting baby Photo: GG/FameFlynet

It's always a good Friday when Ryan Gosling is involved.

Our good friend's at Hello Canada have an exclusive interview with the Canadian dad, where he talks about his 15-month-old daughter, Esmeralda.

"This will be our first Christmas where [Esmeralda] sort of taking it all in, so that’s exciting."

So cute! I wonder what Esme is getting for Christmas?

Ryan and Eva Mendes are fiercely protective of Esme and don't talk about her much publicly. But Ryan's affection for Esme is clear. Her name is tattooed on his knuckles and he's said he's a feminist because of her. But this is the first interview where he's really talked about life with his baby girl. And it's quite musical.

“She’s obsessed with the Hanson Christmas album," he says. "No disrespect to Hanson, they’re very talented kids, but I think I’ve heard that record enough. I’m sure it will be on a loop this Christmas as well.”


But does she like "MMMBop?" Cause that song's a classic.

Ryan also said that fatherhood is "not rocket science." Truth! But parenthood is no walk in the park. Between the sleepless nights, the crying and the poop—gah, it's a lot. And as Eva revealed, Ryan has changed his fare share of diapers.

I'm sure Ryan is just glad to be out of the baby stage and into the fun of toddlerhood (haha).

Of course, Ryan also talked about girlfriend, Eva. Not gonna lie, I kind of swooned at his response to the question "What does he look for in a woman?"

"That she’s Eva Mendes. There’s nothing else I’m looking for.”


So, does that mean there is no hope for Ryan and Rachel? Nuts!

This article was originally published on Dec 04, 2015

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