Robert Downey Jr. Captain America birthday party (photo!)

Robert Downey, Jr., threw himself and a bunch of kids a birthday party featuring the hot new Captain America movie—and he shared a fun photo of the event.

Robert Downey Jr. Captain America birthday party (photo!)

Photo: Robert Downey Jr. via Facebook

Happy 49th birthday, Robert Downey, Jr.!

The dad of two celebrated his big day Friday. And, it looks like he's come a long way from his old partying days!

Since his birthday fell on the same day as the premiere of his buddy Chris Evans's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Robert threw together his own screening of the flick and invited a bunch of kids and their parents.

"What better way to spend my birthday than recognizing the cosmic miracle of Captain America 2 opening the same day?" he posted on his Facebook page. "Gonna wrangle about twenty kids to watch it with and partaaaaaaaaaaaaay Marvel-style!!!"

Robert is so awesome, he shared a live pic of the event on his Facebook page, captioning it, "Let the partaaaaay begin!!!"

Photo: Robert Downey, Jr., via Facebook Photo: Robert Downey, Jr., via Facebook

Ummm, love!?! Those are some lucky, lucky kids. And Robert seems quite happy with his coolest-ever soirée!


Robert is dad to sons Exton, 2, and Indio, 20.

I know we loved him already, but how adorable is he now for doing this?

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This article was originally published on Apr 08, 2014

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