Robert Downey, Jr.: My milk is finally coming in

Robert Downey Jr. is clearly getting excited to welcome his third child. He cracked quite the series of pregnancy and baby jokes at the recent BAFTA awards. Check it out!

Robert Downey Jr. BAFTA

Robert and Susan at BAFTA 2014. Photo: KM/FameFlynet

Robert Downey, Jr., 49, is getting set to welcome his third child (his second with wife Susan, 40)—a girl!—and he’s excited to be thrown for a loop!

“It’s just the uncertainty of how nowadays you have all these things where you think you have much more of an understanding of what you’re going to get,” he told People at the BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards last week, at which he was honoured with the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film. “And then this little soul lets herself be known to you, and it’s just like: you don’t know anything. It’s great!”

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In his acceptance speech that evening, the proud dad-to-be talked about his wife, whom he described as “literally about to pop,” and asked her to stand up and show off her bump for the audience (hope he prepared her ahead of time for that one). “How is she still so darn pretty and functional and mood-stable?” he asked. Awww.

Then. He cracked this hilarious series of quips: “The second pregnancy has been extraordinarily tough for me. Self-prescribed mandatory bed rest was of some benefit. At least my milk is finally coming in.” Ha!

“Mrs. Downey,” he adds, “any day now when you’re in the throes of birthing, if you need to yell at me or scratch me, scratch my face or blind me, it’s fine. Because, yes, I did that to you.”

He knew what he was doing with that speech, didn’t he? That’s right, melting our hearts even more.

Photo: Tina Gill/PR Photos

Photo: Tina Gill/PR Photos

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Robert and Susan were married in 2005 and have a son Exton, 2.5, together. Robert also has a son, Indio, 21, from a previous marriage. Catch him, like now, in The Judge—he is awesome in it.

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