How to talk to your kids about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Dr. Karyn Gordon shares advice on how to talk to your kids about the Rob Ford news that's inundating the media.

By Haley Overland


Are you talking to your kids about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his crack-cocaine admission?

It's hard not to when it seems like everyone is talking about it.

Here's parenting expert Dr. Karyn Gordon chatting with our friends at Breakfast Television about how to handle the tricky subject. Her general advice is to answer any questions your kids may have — but feel free to leave out some of the finer details — and to take this event as an "amazing opportunity to talk to your kids" about various spinoff topics, like leadership, apologies and drugs. PLUS, Gordon has some advice for Rob Ford, who's a father, too... (Scroll down for the video.)

Have you talked to your kids about Rob Ford? How did it go?

This article was originally published on Nov 06, 2013

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