Rick Mercer takes on tobogganing bans

The famous comic pokes fun at Calgary's sledding restrictions in "Upton & Downey: Undercover Toboggan Cops."

Oh, Rick Mercer, how we love your little jabs at the absurdities of life! On the tail of recent news of tobogganing bans and restrictions, Canada’s favourite satirist took on Calgary’s bylaws in the video “Upton & Downey: Undercover Toboggan Cops.” Framed as a TV show episode trailer (picture NYPD Blue with a heavy dose of Canadian absurdity), the skit is packed with cop drama cliches, interrogation stereotypes and pun-filled one-liners (“We got a code white in Calgary southeast”), plus a defiant little perp who’s not about to rat out his friends. You’ve got to see it!

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