Raffi's latest song helps kids deal with stress and anxiety

Listen to this beloved Canadian singer's new song, "Take a Breath (the Self-Reg Song)," right here!

Photo: Rounder/ Sugarhill

Photo: Rounder/ Sugarhill

Kiddie-song favourite Raffi is using music to help kids cope with stress and anxiety.

Dubbed “Take a Breath (The Self-Reg Song),” Raffi’s new jam is a calming, peaceful tune that actually teaches kids techniques on self-regulation.

“Self-regulation is the awareness of anxiety and our ability to regain a calm centre. Since anxiety constrains intelligence, it’s important for young and old to learn simple self-reg ways to regain balance. I wrote “Take A Breath” to inspire a self-reg response in all who hear it,” Raffi says in a press release.

The song gives tips to the listener to breath in and out, or to sing a song (alternatively, listen to music) when you’re not feeling OK. And who wouldn’t be able to calm down when hearing Raffi singing lyrics like:

“When I’m not doing fine/ I keep this in mind/ I can take a breath or two
When I want to feel well/ I can be still/ I can take a breath or two”

There’s also a slower part in the song that’s meant for practicing breathing.

You know what they say, the best way to remember something is to put it in song.

You can download the song on the Centre for Child Honouring site and the self-regulation site, or stream it below:

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