Pro surfers' pregnancy announcement has us stoked

Surfers Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks reveal they're having a baby in this adorable video.

We won’t give away the punchline, but we have to say, pro surfers Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks let the world know they’ll be welcoming a wee one in the most rad way.

The pregnancy announcement video also includes a Q&A, so you’ll find out how far along Bethany is, Adam’s thoughts on becoming a dad, and whether they’ll be taking their mini along when they travel to surf and film. Plus, Bethany, who lost her left arm a decade ago in a shark attack, talks about the challenges she’s imagining, like changing a diaper on a squirmy baby. (An aside: Read the notes from people commenting on the video—their encouragement is heartwarming.)

Check it out:

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