Pregnant woman hilariously spoofs April the Giraffe and you need to watch it

Attention April the Giraffe lovers: Drop everything and watch this brilliant labour spoof.

Pregnant woman hilariously spoofs April the Giraffe and you need to watch it

Photo: Erin Dietrich via Facebook


The funny mom in the video, Erin Dietrich, had her baby—a boy, named Porter Lane. She rocked her hilarious rubber giraffe mask, obvie. Meanwhile, April the Giraffe is still labouring (as of this update on March 9.) Girrrl.

woman with baby wearing giraffe mask Photo: Erin Dietrich via Facebook

You guys, April the Giraffe. She's a phenomenon. (If you haven't heard of her, what are you even doing with your life?)

Has she even had that little baby giraffe yet?!? (The answer as of the date of this article is nope.) Girl has been in labour for, like, three weeks (well, maybe only one but it feels like forever). While the world watches in anticipation of this precious miracle of animal life, one woman from South Carolina made a simple Facebook Live spoof that has since gone viral. You need to watch it.

Erin Dietrich, a mom of three (she knows what labour is like, fo sho) donned a rubber giraffe head and paced her bedroom in leggings and a sports bra, with her very pregnant belly prominently displayed. Then what happens? Um, not a hell of a lot. Just like the live April videos. Get it?

Everything about the video is top notch, from the overhead camera angle to the random pacing/moving. It was such a simple concept with such a huge appeal. So big, in fact, that it's been viewed more than 26 million times so far. Seriously. Have you watched it yet? Stop reading this and watch it.


Click the link below to view. It's about 14 minutes of pure genius. So Erin, keep us updated on your labour, would ya?

This article was originally published on Mar 07, 2017

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