Pregnant mom and her daughter have the most adorable dance-off

Think you've got moves? You haven't seen anything until you've watched this very pregnant mom and her daughter have the most impressive dance off.

Is there anything cuter than a mother-daughter dance-off? The answer: Nope!

Little six-year-old Jaylyn and her mom Nikki Taylor (who is eight months pregnant!) just proved that to us in this awesome video of them dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” The video was posted three days ago to Taylor’s Facebook page and has since gone viral with over 14 million views.

The video starts off with Jaylyn telling us she’s a good dancer (so much cuteness) and her mom is going to “rock it!” But don’t laugh at her, says tiny Jaylyn. “‘Cause I’m pregnant. Really pregnant,” mom chimes in. The banter closes with Jaylyn telling us she loves her unborn baby brother (my eyes are totally not watering), and then the dancing begins!

Jaylyn starts the dance-off by swaying and rocking her hips side-to-side and her mom joins in shortly after. Their choreographed dance is definitely #ParentingGoals. Who knew they could break it down so hard!

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