Pink takes big-sister-gift to the next level

Pink has started the newest baby trend for 2017 and we love it!

Pink takes big-sister-gift to the next level

Photo: @pink via Instagram

Pink and Carey Hart welcomed their second child, Jameson Moon, in December and judging from this sweet pic, big sister Willow is adjusting well to sibling life. Pink found a genius way to make sure Willow still feels loved amidst all the new baby excitement.

This past weekend, Pink threw a "Big Sister" party for Willow, which included balloons and a chocolate cake—did you save us a slice, Willow? The singer posted this adorable photo on Instagram with the caption, "Congrats Big Sis! #bigsisterparty." Judging from Willow's big grin, she seems pretty excited about the special attention.

Photo: @pink via Instagram Photo: @pink via Instagram

Most parents get their kid a little present when they become a sibling or buy them one of these fun books about being a big brother or sister. But Pink went a step further with her big sister party. Extra kudos to Pink for throwing a bash so soon after giving birth. Now organizing a party may seem like a lot of work when you're juggling a newborn and an active tot, but you can make your "I'm a big sister/brother" party super simple by buying your kid a sweet treat (hello, store-bought cupcake) and blowing up some balloons. Ta-da, you've got a sibling party.

Will sibling parties be the gender reveal party of 2017? We won't know until some of the other expecting celebrity parents start having their babies, but we love this idea!

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This article was originally published on Jan 16, 2017

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