Pharrell Williams' new song will get your kids excited to read

"That new Pharrell Sesame Street song totally didn't get stuck in my head," said no one, ever.

There’s a new Sesame Street song and it’s dangerously catchy. Warning: You’ll probably be singing “B is for Book” for the rest of the day. The adorable, upbeat tune features Elmo, Cookie Monster and the master of “Happy” songs, Pharrell Williams, and aims to teach kids the fun of reading.

As the tune explains, through the magic of reading, kids can be whoever they want to be and go wherever they want to go. They can see the pyramids in Egypt, be a king on a throne, or even have a picnic on Mars. All they have to do is pick up a book. “You can go anywhere, without leaving your chair, by reading a book,” sings Pharrell.

“Wow, book do that?! Me mind blown!” says Cookie Monster in the song. We so agree, Cookie. So go grab some books, read to your kids and open their minds to life’s possibilities.

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