P.K. Subban writes touching letter to kids at the Montreal Children's Hospital

"Your positivity and attitude continues to inspire me every day. You might think that I’m doing so much for you, but the truth is you do so much more for me."

You can take the boy out of Montreal, but you can’t take Montreal out of the boy. Habs fans wept when popular player P.K. Subban was traded from the Montreal Canadiens to the Nashville Predators at the end of June. A year ago, P.K. and the Habs started visiting and fundraising for the sick kids at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, which led to P.K.’s mission to personally donate $10 million (minimum) to the hospital.

But even though his address is changing, P.K. wanted to make sure the kids at MCH knew he was still going to be there for them. He did this by writing a letter to all of the patients and their families, and had them hand-delivered by an adorable helper named Gabriel (who’s wearing his Subban jersey in the video below.) Grab the tissues, because this touching message—and the kids’ reactions— are going to cause a serious case of the sniffles.

The President of The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Marie-Josée Gariépy, told “We are very lucky to be keeping P.K. Subban. The Canadiens might have lost him, but the hospital gets to keep him.”

You can contribute to P.K.’s $10 million goal on his website:

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