Nickelodeon's new princess doesn't need a prince to save the day

Nella isn't just a princess—she's also a knight.

Nickelodeon's new princess doesn't need a prince to save the day

Photo: Nickelodeon

Nella The Princess Knight is Nickelodeon’s newest and most audacious princess ever. That’s because Nella’s not just a princess: She’s part-time princess, part-time knight.

Her debut this week on the US channel showed young girls that they could be their own knights in shining armour.

Nine-year-old princess Nella is as gracious and beautiful as any other princess wearing her tiaras and gowns. But when called into action, she doesn't look to anyone else. She simply switches to her knight persona, changes into her armour and hops onto her unicorn—which has an awesome pink mane. Wielding a sword and bow and arrow, Nella's ready to face whatever crisis comes her way.

Nella is the latest in a line of untraditional princesses who don't rely on a prince to save the day when trouble strikes. Remember Merida from the Disney movie Brave? Not to mention Mulan and Tiana.

Rumour has it Nella the Princess Knight will begin airing internationally this spring. We’re so excited to see what kind of adventures Nella will get up to!

This article was originally published on Feb 08, 2017

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