Baby No. 2 on the way for Nick and Vanessa Lachey

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are having a baby girl! See how Nick announced the pregnancy and why he'd been hoping for another boy this time around.

Photo: Girlie/FameFlynet Photo: Girlie/FameFlynet

Not to steal his ex-wife Jessica Simpson's wedding thunder or anything (heh)... Singer and VH1 host Nick Lachey, 40, and his wife, TV personality Vanessa Lachey, 33, are expecting another baby. And as Nick creatively announced on the Twitter (on Tuesday, July 15), it's a girl.

Photo: Nick Lachey via Twitter Photo: Nick Lachey via Twitter

“Can’t think of a better way to celebrate 3 years of marriage to my beautiful Vanessa than this,” he tweeted along with this sweet photo of their 22-month-old son, Camden, running on the beach next to a heart and the words "It's a girl," drawn in the sand. Awww!

When Vanessa was pregnant with Camden, she got some flack for tweeting about having a gender test and hoping the baby was going to be a boy. At one point she had to clarify herself because the conversation was getting so heated.


“#ToBeClear @NickSLachey & I are praying for a healthy baby First & Foremost!" she tweeted in June 2012. "I just always envisioned a boy 1st to take care of his siblings.”  

I've personally never been wild about this way of thinking, especially since my daughter is older than my son. Can't a girl take care of her siblings just as well? And what kind of message does this send to a younger girl—that she needs a boy to take care of her? My kids definitely take care of each other, regardless of gender. Anyway, some more clarification….

“A baby girl would be just as much of a blessing," she went on to tweet. "And she’d have @NickSLachey wrapped around her finger!"

Photo: Nick Lachey via Twitter Photo: Nick Lachey via Twitter


Indeed, not learning from his wife's Twitter debacle, Nick shared his own hopes for the gender of their child this time around. Back in February, he told People he wanted another boy and then a girl.

“I do want a girl," he told the mag. "I think there’s something emotional about having a daughter that I definitely want to experience."

“Maybe I’ll get one more boy under my belt first," he added. "I’ll need some help to keep her in line, so a couple of brothers couldn’t hurt.” Yikes! Haha.

What do you think? Did you have a gender preference? Tell us about it in the comments. Or, why not tweet me @cheaty and/or @todaysparent.

Off to add Vanessa Lachey to our Who's Pregnant in Hollywood gallery. See you there!


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This article was originally published on Jul 16, 2014

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