New Minions movie trailer is wickedly good

With a star-studded cast and promises of a whole lot of silliness and shenanigans, we can hardly wait for the Despicable Me prequel to hit theatres in July.

When the first trailer for Minionsthe Despicable Me prequeldropped back in November, we were like:

The animated film follows Kevin, Stuart and Bob as they set out in 1968 (42 years B.G.—Before Gru) in search of a new evil master—and it looks to be total “ba-na-na!” as those delightful little mischief-makers say.

Now the second trailer has hit the Internet, and we’re even more psyched. The star-studded cast features Sandra Bullock voicing female super-villain Scarlet Overkill, and Allison Janney as the mom of a family that picks up the hitchhiking minions while on their way to Villain-Con (held in Orlando, of course). With the delightfully silly comedy we’ve come to expect of minions (and some groovy tunes), this flick is sure to bring the laughs with kids and adults alike. Check out the latest trailer:

We can’t wait for Minions to hit theatres in July!

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