#MyKidCantEatThis—the hilarious, mind-boggling reasons why kids won't eat

Parents all over the world are sharing pictures of the things their kids just won't eat and the bizarre reasons why. You've gotta join in!

kidcanteatthis MyKidCantEatThis via Instagram

kidcanteatthis 2 MyKidCantEatThis via Instagram

Moms and dads, check out #MyKidCantEatThis on Instagram and Twitter immediately!

Parents have joined forces to share pictures and talk about their kids' completely ridiculous eating habits. Have an obsessively picky eater on your hands? You are definitely not alone. The excuses kids come up with are hilarious (and infuriating and mind-boggling and a little bit adorable) and the stuff parents are sharing will crack you right up.

Grapes left unpeeled, bits of relish (that are almost too small to see with the adult naked eye, but can be spotted instantaneously by toddlers) in tuna sandwiches, bananas peeled by mom and not dad (uh oh...), oranges that still have those harmless little white strings of death on them... It appears that toddlers will come up with just about any fathomable (or unfathomable, really) reason to NOT eat something.

And you know what? We may never, ever conclusively understand what turns little mouths off food that looks perfectly edible to us. But since we're scratching our heads trying to figure it out, we might as well take to the Twitterverse to vent our frustrations, right?

This article was originally published on Apr 24, 2015

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