Mother of two adopts her best friend’s daughters

This is the truest testament of friendship!

Photo: Elizabeth and her daughters via Photo: Elizabeth and her daughters via

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2014, Elizabeth Diamond, a single mom, asked her best friend if she would be willing to adopt her four daughters if she died. Her friend, Laura Ruffino, immediately said yes. The pair have been friends since fifth grade—that’s a long-lasting friendship!

Sadly, in April, Elizabeth passed away, at just 40 years old. True to her word, Laura and her husband took in Elizabeth’s four daughters: Tara, Samona, Ella and Lilyan. Laura and her husband have two daughters of their own, so they are now raising six young girls in one house!

Photo: Photo: The new family of eight via

Adjusting to life as a family of eight won’t be easy, and the cost alone will be tremendous. To alleviate some of the financial stress, friends have set up a fundraiser to help the family expand their home and build two new bedrooms. They also need a new vehicle that will fit their family of eight, plus money to buy food for those growing girls.

“The Ruffino family have always been the type of people to help others in need,” according to the campaign. “Above all, this family is doing everything in its power to make the Diamond daughters feel loved and part of the family.”

It is going to be a tough road for the new Ruffino-Diamond family, but what an extraordinary thing the couple has done for these girls!

This article was originally published on Jul 25, 2015

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