Mother moved to tears by touching birthday invitation

Prepare yourself, this sweet invitation will make you ugly cry.

By Amy Valm

Photos: Tricia Klien Photos: Tricia Klein

A Brantford, Ontario mom was brought to tears when her son received a very special invite to a classmate's birthday party.

Tricia Klein's youngest son, Timothy, 7, has autism and is non-verbal. Birthday parties can be hard for him because he finds crowds over-stimulating. That's why this birthday invitation was special.

The birthday boy, Carter, sits beside Timothy in class and often talks about him to his mom. Knowing that attending a birthday party packed with kids might be challenging for Timothy, who sometimes gets anxious, Carter's mom offered up a lovely solution—figuring out a time, perhaps before the party, where Timothy can come and enjoy the birthday fun without being overwhelmed by 20 other kids. Every parent wants their child to feel included and we're so happy for Timothy and his mom Tricia.

"It was an ugly cry for me that day,"Tricia told ABC News.

Read the heartwarming note below.

"Carter sat beside Timothy at school and he always talks about him. I really hope he can come. We are renting a bounce castle that we can attach a small bounce slide at the bottom. We will also have water balloons and water guns. Maybe Timothy can come earlier in the day if it would too much with the whole class. Let me know so we can make it work."